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About Me

I believe in factual, entertaining and thought-provoking television that everyone can enjoy. I have shot features in 23 countries, and have a very good network of TV production contacts across Europe. I believe in giving the voice to the expert, be that a scientist, engineer, politician, analyst or businessman, highlighting their knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject.

In the past decade I’ve filmed in all kinds of locations, from a rocket factory in Paris to a chocolate factory in Budapest. Whether it’s on board a parabolic flight, deep in a cave, or a high-tech clean-room, I concentrate on the story and the people who can tell it. I present to camera, direct the crew, organize the shoot, oversee the edit, write the script, research my locations and find my interviewees. Good TV means working well with others, and I always bring a spirit of teamwork, communication and problem-solving to my productions.


You can get a feel for my work by watching some of my recent features and interviews. This is just a selection of the hundreds of minutes of television I’ve produced, directed and presented in the past few years. Among them you’ll find a one-to-one with Buzz Aldrin, cool new innovations like hands-free driving, green business reports, some awe-inspiring cosmology and an insight into what it’s really like to live in space. I’ve also written dozens of online-only articles about topics ranging from ocean exploration to ultra-marathon running…

  • You have done a remarkable job and I am happy to be part of it.

    Roger-Maurice Bonnet, Former Science Director of European Space Agency
  • I watched it over the weekend and it’s very cool. Love the choice of music.

    Ben Wandelt, International Chair for Theoretical Cosmology, Sorbonne University
  • It looks great – well done!

    André Kuipers, Astronaut
  • Congratulations for the great video.

    Claudia Kemfert, Professor, German Institute for Economic Research

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